Hope For A New World Bundle

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Hope For A New World Bundle – Only $40!

Many of us are seeking a new way of being, but don’t know what that can look like or how to begin. We need new perspective, new tools, and new hope. This Hope For A New World bundle offers just that with stories of success, encouragement to look within, and tools for speaking and engaging others with intention.

ThrivabilityThrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works

Creating the world we wish for starts with oneself. That is why we begin the Hope For A New World bundle with this essential book that first looks at the stories we tell ourselves about the world and how that might limit us. In order to fully thrive, we must dismantle our current perception and rebuild with new tools and a new vision. Peppered with practical questions and exercises, you can begin taking action today!Songaia

Songaia: An Unfolding Dream

Next, we journey through the story of one cohousing community who turned their vision into a reality through the anecdotes and reflections of their early organizers. This small group “re-invented what it means to live sustainably, cooperatively, [and] with spirit” while also admitting their human errors. Explore the challenges of getting started, the journey of group process, and the heart of deep relationships in this timeless tale.

The World Cafe: Shaping our Future Through Conversations that Matter

You are what you speak. How we communicate with those around us has an immense impact on how our world is shaped. The World Cafe takes a look at such conversations in a clear, concise, and empowering way. Access the tools to engage thoughtfully and intentionally in our personal, professional, and online spheres.

The Zen of Groups

Another essential tool for group dynamics, The Zen of Groups addresses the relationship between the self, the group, and the facilitator. With a spiritual lens, the book encourages us to lean into personal responsibility and inevitable conflict. Appropriate for both facilitators and group members who are seeking group work to be a personal growth opportunity.

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