Group Works Cards Deck


Group Works Cards Deck
A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings

The Group Works cards deck is designed to support your process as a group convener, planner, facilitator, or participant.

The people who developed the Group Works cards deck spent several years pooling knowledge of the best group events they had ever witnessed. They looked at meetings, conferences, retreats, town halls, and other sessions that give organizations life, solve a longstanding dilemma, get stuck relationships flowing, result in clear decisions with wide support, and make a lasting difference. They also looked at routine, well-run meetings that simply bring people together and get lots of stuff done.

The Group Works cards deck consists of 91 full-color 3.5″ x 5.25″ cards (plus a few blanks to add your own patterns), a five-panel explanatory insert, and an accompanying booklet explaining the purpose and history of the project and suggesting uses for the cards in group process work.

Ideas for how to use the deck are limited only by your imagination. Possibilities include:

  • games
  • teaching activities
  • event planning and preparation
  • post-event debriefing, analysis and reflection
  • intuitive guidance
  • personal study tool
  • sharing responsibility for a well-run meeting
  • exploring intersections among varied facilitation methods