Group Work Toolkit Bundle

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Group Work Toolkit Bundle

Much of a community’s culture is showcased in meetings—the arena in which an entire community or a specific group work together to develop ideas or resolve issues. In fact, the success of a cooperative group is largely due to the success of how a team works together. Therefore, we’d created the Group Work Toolkit Bundle for learning about and exploring successful group work from a few key perspectives: meetings, structure, communication, and self-awareness.

Good MeetingsBest of Communities – Volume IV: Good Meetings

You can tell a lot about a group by observing a meeting. So we start out the Group Work Toolkit with discussion of precisely what we need.

Our Best of Communities compilation features our best articles from Communities magazine, and Issue IV specifically focuses on the topics of organizing, facilitation, resolving conflicts, and tips for healthy, strong community meetings. With contributions from our most seasoned authors, we provide timeless essentials for good meetings.


Group Works CardsGroup Works Cards Deck: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings

Bring life to meetings…and helpful tools! The Group Works Cards Deck are a tactile and visual approach to understanding how to successfully work in groups. With 91 full-color cards, a five-panel explanatory insert, and an accompanying booklet, you can use the cards for designing the agenda, mid-meeting activity, post-event reflection, or for personal exploration.

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

For effective meetings, relationships and/or conflict resolution, effective communication is essential.

Nonviolent Communication guides us in re-framing how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of being habitual, automatic reactions, our words become conscious responses based firmly on an awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling, and wanting. We are led to express ourselves with honest and clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathetic attention.

Rebuilding Trust in the WorkplaceRebuilding Trust in the Workplace

Next, we include in the Group Work Toolkit Bundle a resource that not only frames it’s topic within a working environment, but more importantly focuses it’s essence in building trust.

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace reflects a solid understanding of basic human psychology, communication and integrity-based leadership. This book is unique in it’s ability to translate common practices for a working group environment and is a great contribution to the genre of communication tools.


The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups

Finally, we glean from the wisdom of Starhawk in her insightful workbook and partial narrative for easy understanding of how human dynamics influence the success of a group.

She includes possible exercises for things like distilling core values, grounding, determining leadership styles, etc. Using a fictional ecovillage and their escalating conflict, she explores the roles of power, responsibility, communication and trust as well as chapters on dealing with difficult people, group conflict and groups that work.

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