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Communities Magazine GIFT Subscription

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A Communities magazine gift subscription sends your loved one or a lucky organization four 80-page quarterly issues each year chock-full of information, inspiration, and personal stories about how to build and sustain community. In addition to the physical issues, your subscriber will also receive the digital editions as well.

Whether an ecovillage or a neighborhood, a cohousing community or a workplace, a Communities magazine gift subscription helps you to connect to and build community where you are!

A Communities magazine gift subscription brings you articles examining the successes and also the challenges, highlighting the invaluable lessons learned along the way. If you are part of a group, we can help you live and work together more cooperatively; if you are an individual or family looking for community, we can inspire your search.

No one chronicles cooperative culture and delivers it the way a Communities magazine subscription does.

Themes in Communities:

Each issue is organized around a theme — recent ones include Ecovillages, Diversity, Spirituality, Permaculture, Right Livelihood, and Intimacy. Please see the many back issues whose contents are excerpted on our website.

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