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Food Forest Game card deck


Food Forest
A card game inspired by Permaculture
created by Karl Treen

Card_BlueberryNow you can learn about permaculture, test your skills, and challenge your friends with the new card deck, Food Forest, inspired by Permaculture! The Food Forest card game is a fun and interactive way to learn, teach and design with perennial plants and Permaculture design principles. With the versatility of the cards, several games can be played from a simple matching game suitable for children, to a speed game for up to 6 adults.

Each card features a plant with symbols describing it’s inputs & outputs, solar needs, directional positioning, and suitable zones. Line up the cards in 8 points of contact to determine how each plant can support the next.

This card deck is great as a group teaching aid, for self-education, and for social game nights alike!

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