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Ecovillages Around the World


Ecovillages Around the World:
20 Regenerative Designs for Sustainable Communities
Edited by Frederica Miller

Over the last decade, Hildur Jackson in her role of Gaia Education Publications Coordinator guided the launch of the 4 Keys for Sustainable Communities Everywhere on the Planet– social design, ecological design, economic design and worldview.

To complete the series, she wanted the 5th Key to be a beautiful book about the 20 best practice designs for ecovillages as a legacy of her passion for communities.

Ecovillages Around the World includes more than 300 full-color photographs and diagrams and features well-established ecovillages such as Findhorn in Scotland, Auroville in India and newer initiatives such as Hua Tao in China. It also highlights the unique features of each project and their solutions to the global social and environmental challenges that confront us.

Ecovillages Around the World provides a view into the future. Its many diverse examples show solutions to particular times and places.

The 20 ecovillage projects featured:

  • Hurdal Ecovillage & Hurdal Sustainable Valley, Norway
  • Svanholm, Denmark
  • Permatopia, Denmark
  • Solheimar, Iceland
  • Lilleoru, Tallin, Estonia
  • Findhorn, Scotland
  • Sieben Linden, Germany
  • Tamera, Portugal
  • Damanhur, Italy
  • Torri Superiore, Italy
  • Kibbutz Lotan, Israel
  • Sekem, Egypt
  • Chololo, Tanzania
  • Tasman Ecovillage, Australia
  • Narara, Australia
  • Hua Tao Ecovillage, China
  • Auroville, India
  • Ecovillage at Ithaca, New York, USA
  • Huehuecoyotl, Mexico
  • Céu do Mapia, Brazil

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