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Deep Listening – The Secret to Living in Community

Change Your World with Deep Listening

How do we make deep connections with land, with ourselves, and with each other? How do we resolve conflict and make difficult decisions?

Inspired by Aboriginal wisdom and with a beautiful backdrop of Australian landscape, Deep Listening teaches us what makes communities work and shows the path to a more harmonious way of being.

Running Time: 60 minutes. If you are interested in hosting a screening of this film, please contact Kim at [email protected] for details. 

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Deep Listening – The Secret to Living in Community from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.


The Secret of Living in Community

Exploring the secrets of Aboriginal wisdom which enable connection and healing, this documentary asks “What skills do we need to build successful relationships and how can we create communities that are both healthy and sustainable?”

Beautifully shot against the rich diversity of the Australian landscape, Deep Listening interviews inspiring leaders in alternative culture, and Aboriginal elders share their own wisdom on the indigenous way of dadirri or deep listening – a profound connection to self, land and people.

Featuring well-known lifestyle and ecology activists such as David Holmgren, John Seed and Robin Clayfield, Deep Listening draws a fascinating portrait of the people who have created the diverse communities that have thrived across Australia over the last 40 years. With ponderous pauses and moments of silent observation, the film itself is a meditation on the meaning of deep listening.


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