Covid-19, Catharsis, and Community: An Aging Gratefully (Film)


Covid-19, Catharsis, and Community: An Aging Gratefully film

If we’ve learned anything from staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, is what it’s like to be isolated and lonely. What can the wider world learn from cohousing communities about why collaborating with others is so important for our physical and mental health? How can we reimagine a different American Way that emphasizes cooperation and consensus above winning and losing; balancing the needs of the individual with those of the whole? These are two questions the movie explores.

Aging Gratefully: COVID-19, Catharsis, and Community” is the fifth in the “Aging Gratefully” documentary memoir series. It’s an update to the 2015 project, “The Power of Community.” It includes the same group of interviewees who talked about their experiences at the Silver Sage Village Cohousing Community since 2015 and during the coronavirus pandemic.

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