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Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making


Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making
The CODM Model for Facilitating Groups to Widespread Agreement

A poor decision making process can leave group members frustrated, disillusioned and discouraged. Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making (CODM) offers groups and group facilitators a clear and efficient pathway to generating widespread agreement while fostering full participation and true collaboration. CODM combines:

  • Deep insight into complex group dynamics
  • Effective conflict resolution techniques
  • Powerful communication skills

The CODM process encourages shared cownership of group decisions. Business, government, nonprofit, social and community organizations, and even families can all benefit from this simple step-by-step model. Whether you are a designated facilitator or an active participant, understanding this powerful framework will help you contribute to the success of your group and reap the rewards that effective group cooperation can bring.

Tim Hartnett, Ph.D., earned a doctorate in psychology studying high conflict families in divorce. He works as a facilitator, mediator, and licenses family therapist. Combining best practices from the fields of professional facilitation, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication, Tim has developed a model that can help any group find the widespread agreement they need to work together well.

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