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Community Stories Bundle

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Community Stories Bundle

From commune to cohousing, ecovillage to egalitarian, intentional community looks differently everywhere you go. Let us share just a glimpse of some of the experiences by offering 6 multimedia stories for just $40. You’ll take a peek into communities you perhaps already know and some you may have never heard of. Hear from founders and visitors alike, based in both rural and urban settings, and from time periods across the decades. Start your journey today!

Visions of UtopiaVisions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Communities

Let’s begin with a two part video documentary featuring a fascinating brief history of communal living, plus revealing profiles of seventeen diverse contemporary intentional communities. Produced and edited by former FIC board member, Geoff Kozeny, Visions of Utopia is a great way to experience a sampling of community life “up close.” You can see and hear community members tell their stories in their own words.


Living the Dream: A Documentary Study of Twin Oaks Community

Now we explore a successful egalitarian income-sharing community of 100 people living in rural Virginia, Twin Oaks Community. In “Living the Dream”, Ingrid Komar takes an outsider-peeks-inside look at the community as she steps into intimate relationships and assesses the economic, political and social structures of such a unique intentional community that practices self-sufficiency, farming, industry, and cooperation.

Findhorn Reflections: A Very Personal Take on Living Inside the Famous Spiritual Community and Ecovillage

Findhorn Reflections digital book

Next we travel across seas, stopping at the famous Findhorn Community in Scotland. Findhorn Reflections is a collection of one member’s personal reflections and observations of life inside this unique intentional community. Graham Meltzer has lived at Findhorn for ten years, having previously spent a lifetime in the communities movement as a resident and researcher. This digital book is both a ‘love letter’ and a critique – a reflective insider’s perspective on a fascinating social experiment.

The Community of the Ark

The Community of the Ark
Meanwhile, we travel to France where we learn about a community you might not know about. Author Mark Shepard, recounts his experience visiting the utopian community in France named Community of the Ark. The founder, Lanza del Vasto, was a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and modeled the community on nonviolence. Share the experience with Shepard and explore what a nonviolent society might look like.

The View From 410

The View From 410: When Home is Cohousing

Lastly, The View from 410 is a memoir of starting Cambridge Cohousing in an honest, spunky and valuable version of the founder’s story. Jean Mason captures many of the typical struggles and joys of being in on the ground floor of a big, ambitious community project and offers valuable perspective to anyone starting a community, especially of the cohousing variety.

Receive the 2 documentaries, 3 bound books and 1 digital book for just $40! With individual retail prices totaling $50, the Community Stories Bundle is quite a steal!

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