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Community Starter Kit

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Essential Community Starter Kit – Only $40!

If you had to choose just four books to get you started in seeking or creating intentional community, here are the essentials. Of course, our entire Community Bookstore is shaped to support your journey through community and cooperation; however, these four books are deemed the key pieces for anyone just getting started. Buy this Community Starter Kit and receive over 25% off retail prices!

Best of Communities Magazine – Volume I: Intentional Community Overview, and Starting a Community

The first volume in our Best of Communities Magazine compilation features 15 articles from previous Communities issues all about the trials, lessons, pitfalls, and victories of forming community as well as sage advice about legal issues, property, group process, and navigating stereotypes. Begin your Starter Kit with the cream of the crop of 20 years’ worth of Communities authors and expertise.


A classic and timeless resource for creating community is Diana Leafe Christian’s “Creating a Life Together.” Within one book you will find practical advice on everything from the role of founders to vision documents, decision-making, agreements, legal options, buying and financing land, sustainable site design, and communication, group process, and dealing well with conflict, as well as community profiles, cautionary tales, and ample resources for learning more.


A key piece to any community is effective group work. One common approach to decision making is Consensus Decision Making, and “Building United Judgment” gives you the tools whether your community chooses to use full consensus, or model the principles for your own decision making structure. This book is an excellent explanation of what it means to make the switch from voting to consensus, and how to unlock the potential of groups working with the whole person.


Lastly, we offer you this manual for facilitation of group process, from planning through conflict and to reaching resolution. Useful for teachers, facilitators, and group members, this book contains a discussion of the values, dynamics, and common sense behind group process that have been verified by our own experience.


What better time that now? At a $60-value, get your Community Starter Kit bundle for only $40!

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