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Community Journey Movie Bundle

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Community Journey Movie Bundle – Only $52!

It’s time to update your DVD library with films that inspire, motivate, uplift, and foster connection rather than divisiveness. Our video selection is abundant in films that explore a diversity of communities across the globe, as well as topics such as permaculture, agriculture, cohousing, and natural building. In this Community Journey Movie Bundle, we have compiled four key films that will send you on a new adventure each time you hit play.

Within Reach: Journey to Find Sustainable CommunityOne Couch at a Time DVD

Let’s begin the journey with Mandy and Ryan, bicycling cross-country in search of evidence of people living sustainably.

These two ambitious travelers introduce us to individuals and communities from around the U.S. that are living lighter and more cooperatively than society would otherwise teach us. Follow their journey and learn along with them. Not only is it possible, but it is within reach!

One Couch at a Time: The Sharing Economy at its Best

Next we follow the journey of “couch surfing evangelist,” Alexandra Liss, as she travels the world through 6 continents and 21 countries over a period of 7 months. She takes on the couch-surfing community to look at how this movement enables friendship, sharing, cooperation, trust, and understanding.

One Couch at A Time also explores related topics, such as crowd funding, ride sharing, co-working and the modern epitome of the gift economy.

A New We: Ecological Communities in Europe

While we’re traveling around the globe, let’s explore 10 communities throughout Europe that are exemplifying respect, passion and cooperation by developing creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges.

The diversity of settings and voices in this film might just expand your imagination of what is possible and regenerate your hope in humanity.

Seeking the Good Life in America: A film exploring alternative ways to live sustainably

Finally, we return to America to join Joy in her search for an intentional community to call home. As she explores well-established communities in Virginia, Joy discovers how stepping out of a mainstream life and into alternative cultures can be uniquely nurturing and often challenging.

Invite your friends and prepare some popcorn. Your feel-good movie marathon is about to begin!
Individual retail totals $70. Get over 25% off the Community Journey bundle for just $52!

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