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Communities Magazine Classified Ads

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Communities Magazine publication is currently suspended as we are in the process of transferring publication to GEN-US, a Regenerative Communities Alliance partner organization.  We expect publication to resume in early 2020. 

If you wish to be on a notification list for discounted, magazine re-launch ads, please contact Gigi: [email protected]  For subscriptions and article submissions, contact Chris:  [email protected]


Reach your audience with Communities Magazine Classified Ads!

Do you have an opening in your community? Are you eager to find a community? Do you have an event, book, film, workshop, product, cause, or organization to promote?

Reach your audience by placing an Ad in Communities magazine! You will get your message out while supporting FIC’s non profit mission.

Read on to learn more about the magazine and your options. You can order ads directly through this page, or Contact Gigi, the Ad Manager: Ads @ ic.org or 415-991-0541


Communities magazine #175 Summer 2017

Communities Magazine: Life in Cooperative Culture

What is it like to live in a community? How do you start one, sustain it, and solve the hardest challenges? Are there ways to add more cooperation and community into your everyday life?

Since 1972 Communities magazine exists to answer these questions! For over 4 decades now “C-Mag” has been here to help you connect to the pulse of the communities movement.

Now each issue comes in FULL COLOR, and is also available in DIGITAL FORMAT!

Your magazine ads appear in the pages of the quarterly print and digital magazine. Online banner ads and online classifieds are separate ad options.


Why Advertise with Communities magazine?

Trusted – FIC has been furthering Community Causes for over 40 years.
Demographics – Reach an enthusiastic, environmental, ethical, intelligent audience.
Mission – FIC is a Non Profit 501-(C)3 educating people about sustainability and community.



Reach Your People!

Communities magazine and ic.org has a readership that is compassionate, socially and environmentally conscious, and often health, knowledge, and adventure hungry. It is unique collection of people whoa re willing to support, invest in, and work for a more cooperative and equitable world!

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Advertising Testimonials:

“Our ad was amazingly successful! I was both startled and pleased. I had to scramble to keep up with the response! I will definitely advertise our events here in the coming years.” – Karen Savage Taylor, Registration, Earthaven Ecovillage

“We advertise in Communities because we get calls from just the people we’re looking for.” – Living Shelter Crafts, Sedona, AZ

“Your readers are looking for what we offer.” – Westwood Cohousing, Asheville, NC

“Great results!” – Nomadic Arts Yurts, Hudson, OH

“I would like you to know how much we appreciate your fruitful efforts. We are receiving regular inquiries. We have a new family moving here from the East Coast, and many interviews and orientations booked. They are all a direct result of our Reach ad.” – Name not provided


Magazine Ad Schedule:

Communities magazine comes out with an issue at the start of each quarter. Ads must be turned in by the first day of the month before the new issue.

Spring – ships March 1st, Ads due by February 1st

Summer – ships June 1st, Ads due by May 1st

Fall – ships September 1st, Ads due by August 1st

Winter – ships December 1st, Ads due by November 1st



Additional Advertising Opportunities:

Here is information about additional advertising options with FIC. Contact the Ad Manager at Ads @ ic.org or 415-991-0541 for help or special offers.

Magazine Banner Ads these image based ads are throughout Communities magazine. There are multiple sizes, from small squares to covers.

Online Display Ads – these are the image based ads that run down the right hand side of nearly every page of ic.org, including the Directory.

Online Classified Ads – these ads appear in the Community Classifieds on ic.org, and can be entered directly here, or contact the Ad Manager.
Online Classifieds include up to 1,000 words (5,000 characters), plus a title, contact name, email, phone number, and URL, and up to 5 pictures!

Featured Online Classified Ads – these ads appear at the top of the results on Community Classifieds pages on ic.org. The titles of Featured Online Classified Ads are also displayed in the right hand column at the bottom of the only display ads on nearly every page of the website.

Special Combination Offers!

We are now offering discounted packages of ads to make it even easier to spread the word in multiple places. Contact [email protected] or 415-991-0541 with an idea of what you’d like to do to receive special pricing.


Advertising Terms & Conditions:

Advertisers are expected to have read this information, and by purchasing any ad an advertiser agrees to all terms and conditions.

Payment Options

All ads are prepaid in full before placement. Ad rates are subject to change without notice, except if purchased annually or if previously contracted.

Debit or Credit Cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners. Also Paypal and Paypal e-check bank transfers.

You can purchase directly through this product page, or you can receive an invoice through email that you can pay with by contacting the Ad Manager.

If you prefer to pay over the phone, you can call 415-991-0541 to place your order using a Credit or Debit card.

Or you can use the mail to send a check or money order and note to: Foundation for Intentional Community, 23 Dancing Rabbit Lane, Rutledge, MO 63563

Ad Content

Communities Magazine and FIC accepts advertising for goods and services that we feel will be of value to our readers. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel advertising for any reason at any time. Refunds will be provided at a pro-rated amount if necessary. All advertising claims are solely the responsibility of the advertiser. Ads will be rerun from the latest provided advertisement, unless otherwise specified before the issues goes to print.

Submitting Artwork & Ad Copy

You can email all ad graphics, text, and relevant ad information to the Ad Manager at Ads @ ic.org.

If you prefer that FIC arrange the design of your ad for you, based on graphics or text you provide, there is a Design Fee for $50 you can opt for.

For magazine ads, please submit digital artwork as a PDF file. If the PDF format is not available, we can accept TIFF, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or earlier in EPS format, Adobe Illustrator 8.0 for Mac, or Quark Xpress 4.1 (or earlier) for Mac. For any formats not PDF or TIFF, you must include all of the fonts in the artwork, both screen and postscript. For Illustrator or Quark, all images present in the artwork must also be sent as an independent file.

Photos or graphics with any gray in them must be 300 DPI. Photos and images that are only type and black and white line art should be 1200 DPI, or at least 900 DPI. We prefer not to use camera-ready hard copy, so please submit everything digitally. However, we can accept it if absolutely necessary at the exact ad size and printed out in high resolution with a laser printer on glossy paper. Contact the Ad Manager for details on this.


Questions or Assistance?

To get in touch with the Ad Manager for help with anything at all, please email Gigi at Ads @ ic.org, or call 415-991-0541.

For other ways to support the magazine, please Get Involved!

Thank You!


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