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Communities Magazine #179 (Summer 2018) – Eco-Building


For reasons both practical and ideological, intentional community has long been a hotbed of eco-building activity—optimizing available resources while enriching participants’ relationships to self, others, and nature.

In Communities’ “Eco-Building” issue (Summer 2018, #179), authors share their eco-building journeys, ranging from nearly-free stick-framed shelters to high-end green developments.

They examine how to assess whether a building is actually “eco,” hard choices they’ve needed to make, the benefits and challenges of taking on eco-building projects in community, or of retrofitting vs. building new, and much more. We hope you’ll draw useful information, inspiration, and insight from their stories.

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Articles in “Eco-Building”

  • Notes from the Editor—Building for the Future by Chris Roth
  • Adventures of the Mini Moon: Realities of building your own earthen house with reused materials and volunteer labor by Jenny Leis
  • Building Collectively Is Greener, Easier, and Cheaper by Jenny Pickerill
  • Harmonious Homemade Habitat by Laura Harris
  • Building in an Ecovillage: Lessons Learned by Tony “Papa Bear” Barrett
  • Ionia’s Barn Project: Where Community and Natural Building Meet by Eliza Eller
  • Building with Respect by Alexis Zeigler
  • Eco-Building at the Ecovillage (I Have Built a Home) by Arjuna da Silva
  • Good Neighbours with Earth: Using natural building materials in community-scale construction by Robin Allison
  • A High-Performance Building for Cohousing: From Vision to Move-In by Michael Mariano
  • From Blight to Beautiful: Renovating an Urban House By and For Community by Lindsay Speer
  • A Life Recycled by Helen Iles
  • A Family Builds its Breeze Home in Paradise by Stefano Quarta
  • An Ax, a Rope, and Teamwork: Build a Simple A-Frame Shelter for Under $100 by Murphy Robinson
  • The Concrete Thinking of Hobbits by Dan Schultz
  • Rebuilding Remote Island Communities, One Adobe Cottage at a Time by Philip Mirkin
  • Eco-Design for Behavior Change by Cheryl Gladu
  • Learning to Say “ECO-BUILD” in Your Own Vernacular—Or, What Is Eco-Building, and How Do You Know You’re Doing It Right? by Oliver Ogden
  • Eco-Energy at Heartwood Cohousing by Richard Grossman and the Common Facilities Team of Heartwood Cohousing
  • Remembering Zendik: Mating in Captivity by Chris Roth

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