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Aging Gratefully: A film series

Aging Gratefully:

Power of Community
Power of Culture and Traditions
Power of Heath and Good Neighbors

Aging Gratefully is a film series exploring ways people can grow in more ways than old as they age.

Each film is available for individual rent or digital download. Or select all the films at a discounted series. Select the trailer below to purchase the film at our Vimeo page.

Power of Community – 51 minutes – 2015

What if 25 senior citizens decided to grow old together in a cohousing community?

Cohousing is a collaborative living arrangement where residents own their own homes and live private lives, but share in the ownership and upkeep of common spaces such the garden and common house.

Learn about their joys, struggles, angst, and fun times they encountered in their retirement experiment.

What emerges is the theme that while it can be a challenging way to live, living together more intentionally is a hedge against being alone and isolated through the twilight years of life.

Filmmaker and Silver Sage Village resident Alan O’Hashi recovered miraculously from his death bed in 2013, and decided to join a yoga community to regain his strength. What he learned was far deeper about himself than just getting healthier.

Through his reflections, he recounts his continuing recovery and weaves those experiences with the perspectives of neighbors with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and those who find themselves in supportive neighborly care giving roles.

Along with interviews with community members, cohousing pioneers Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett, and gerontologist Anne Glass phD, offer their perspectives about senior cohousing living.

Power of Culture and Traditions – 30 Minutes – 2016

Come on a journey through South Africa to build intentional communities.

Visit Tolystoy, Gandhi, Mandela, Memel, and more, to explore efforts to create multi-faceted intentional communities where people live, work, and produce for many of their own needs.

Join National Cohousing Association board member Steven Ablondi, and his wife Cindy Burns, who are building one such project in Zamani. Talk with Cohousing Architect and Wild Sage Cohousing resident Bryan Bowen about designing and constructing cohousing communities.

Also explored is how cohousing can learn from and help Native traditions and peoples around the world.

Power of Good Health and Good Neighbors – 50 minutes – 2017

Does living in a cohousing community be an added benefit to physical exercise? Hear from residents of Germantown Commons to find out their motivations to living in cohousing. Was it a positive experience, what sort of physical activities were included, and can these in combination improve health?

Filmmaker and Silver Sage Village senior cohousing resident Alan O’Hashi recovered from a death bed illness in 2013, which forced him to become much more aware of his health.

Fortuitously, he was offered to participate in a research study looking at the effects of exercise on brain health. The study included measuring emotional health and the strength of relationship building.

Follow Alan on his journey of finding better health through activities with good neighbors.

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