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Communities Magazine — Fall 2015 
Community and the Law
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Community and the Law - Communities Magazine Cover - Fall #168Community and the Law—Issue #168
Our latest Communities issue on Community and the Law is proving to be very popular. If you haven’t seen it yet, get a copy by subscribing or ordering a sample now!

Community and the Law can be uneasy bedfellows. Some intentional communities are hobbled by legal restrictions—especially zoning, building codes, and permitting requirements—or by other effects, both within and outside the group, of a complaint-driven legal system. Yet some groups are able to forge new approaches and help change codes and laws to support more cooperative and resilient ways of living. In “Community and the Law,” authors share on-the-ground stories and guidance for others hoping to coexist peacefully and productively with the Law!

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My Struggle to Legalize Sustainable LivingMy Struggle to Legalize Sustainable Living by Graham Ellis

After nearly three decades of activity, a pioneering eco-community collapses under the weight of legal attacks by a small group of neighbors.

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It Takes All Kinds to Raise a Village It Takes All Kinds to Raise a Village by
Melanie Rios

After an engaged local citizenry creates cultural shifts, a city endorses rather than prosecutes code-bending strategies that promote resilient community.

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Urban Flex Farms: Farming on a BicycleMy Intentional Community and the Law by Peter Moore

Breitenbush has a long history of dealing with legalities and illegalities, from installing a volcano as their “boiler” and blocking old-growth logging to successfully petitioning for a zoning variance.

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Also in This Issue

  • Publisher’s Note—Sky’s the Limit by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the Editor—It’s the Law by Chris Roth
  • Intentional Communities: Informing the Next Generation of Land Use Law? by Robert Boyer and Rhonda Lambert French
  • Zoning Nightmare: Hartford’s Scarborough Street House by Dave Rozza, Hannah Simms, Josh Blanchfield, Julia Rosenblatt, Kevin Lamkins, Laura Rozza, Maureen Welch, and Simon Raahauge DeSantis
  • Zoning Squabble: Family Is What Family Does by The Hartford Courant Editorial Board
  • Neighbor Nightmare in Northern California by Chris Roth
  • May the Circles Be Unbroken: Life in Wetherweed by Michael Bridge
  • Land Use Regulations, Urban Planners, and Intentional Communities by robert Boyer
  • An Update from the Lemonade Stand by Kees Kolff
  • The Law as Bad Parent: Oppressive Governmental Regulation of Citizens and Small Groups by Colin Doyle
  • The Changing Landscape of the Law: Experiences in Cohousing by JT Hinds
  • Immigrating to a Cohousing Project by Katharina Jones
  • Raven Rocks and Fracking by Susan Jennings
  • My Squat Law Journey by Steven DeCaprio
  • Nobody Likes Bosses by Molly Shea
  • Accountability: Conflating Task Monitors with the Police by Laird Schaub
  • Seeing Red Flags: When a Community’s Biggest Threat Comes from Within by Peter McGugan
  • Review: Findhorn Reflections by Bill Metcalf
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Establishing a Community: Perspectives from the FEC by Matthew Cullen

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