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Communities Conferences – Twin Oaks and West Coast

Posted on August 8, 2017 by
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Two Communities Conferences in September
Labor Day Weekend Conference Sept 1–4
West Coast Communities Conference Sept 29–Oct 1
Co-Sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community

The FIC is a proud sponsor of two awesome Communities Conferences. The Twin Oaks Communities Conference, Labor Day weekend, September 1–4, and the West Coast Communities Conference, Sept 29–Oct 1.

West Coast Communities Conference
West Coast Communities Conference

Hosted this year by Terra Madre Gardens
in Escondido, CA, the event’s keynote presentation will be by Diana Leaf Christian, sociocracy trainer and author of Creating a Life Together, the definitive guide to building intentional communities.

Eventbrite - Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2017
Registration is open!

This year’s theme is Thriving, Not Just Surviving, focusing on equitable and sustainable income and affordability.

West Coast Communities Conference assemblySome of the potential topics:

  • Financially feasible ways to start Community and ongoing affordability
  • Organizing for affordability in less able neighborhoods
  • Intentional Business: Kinds of businesses that may be suitable with Intentional Community
  • A look at Worker Cooperatives (Collectives)
  • Equitable effort
  • Sources of Funding

Communities ConferenceTwin Oaks Communities Conference

Held every Labor Day weekend (Sept 1–4), the Twin Oaks Communities Conference, hosted by one of the country’s oldest intentional communities, provides an experience of community while also providing the networking and support community builders need.

Eventbrite - Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2017
Registration is open!

Work exchange and discounts are available.

This year’s theme: Inclusivity and Social Justice.

This will be opportunity for intentional communities to look at how they can confront issues oppression and privilege and become powerful agents for real change.

This year’s workshops will include:

  • Why is My Community So White?
  • Building Resilience through Disaster Preparedness
  • Will Raise Money for Sanity
  • Communities Conference workshopLegal Structures
  • Black and Native American Land Legacies & Intentional Communities
  • Community: A Love Story
  • Community Land Co-ops and the Decolonizing Urban Ecovillage
  • Point A: Cultivating Urban Engaged Communes
  • Communal Living: A game of life
  • Together as one body: gender, power, and multiplicity

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