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Communities Bookstore is an online, mail order, and event based media store, offering a potent selection of Books, Videos, Magazines , Game & Teaching Guides and Free Resources most relevant to Intentional Communities. To order by mail send to either FIC office listed on our contact page.

Communities Bookstore focuses on creating community of all sorts, from residential intentional community to neighborhood organizing to localization efforts. Cooperative group dynamics are an essential piece of all community building efforts, so we also carry titles on communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution and facilitation.

Finally, Communities Bookstore devotes shelf space to the best titles on sustainability and economics that recognize the importance of community for a healthy planet and society.

We greatly appreciate your support of FIC, and are prompt and polite with each order you place. If you would like to recommend an item for the Communities Bookstore, or for help with any orders, please contact us.

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