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Communities Back Issues—One of Our Best: Power And Empowerment!

Posted on October 21, 2014 by

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Focus on #148 Power and Empowerment

Communities back issue #148 Power and Empowerment Fantastic Back Issues Featuring #148 Power & Empowerment

It may seem odd that the Communities magazine should devote an entire issue to power dynamics and empowerment. Truth be told, this is one of the most interesting topics we could tackle. Even egalitarian communities don’t ever do away with uneven power distribution.

This issue from 2010 approaches this complex issue from a number of different angles. More than twenty authors discuss the breaking point of consensus, the challenges of leadership, followship vs blind followship and many leadership/power models adopted by different communities.

In this issue, you’ll find these articles and many more:

  • BEING “OVERTHROWN”—A CELEBRATION: Coming to Shared Power – The founder of Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage describes what it’s like to be criticized, marginalized, stripped of leadership responsibilities, and given the opportunity to explore a new role. —Jim Schenk
  • BALANCING POWERS: Leadership and Followship in Community – In a healthy community, leadership and followship are equally important roles, each with vital skill sets that can assure effective teamwork. —Elizabeth Barrette
  • MORE PERSPECTIVES ON LEADERSHIP AND FOLLOWSHIP: A Response to Elizabeth Barrette – The author identifies additional leadership skills, cautions against blind followship, and reflects on the many types of power in cooperative groups. —Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • POWER AND POWERLESSNESS IN COMMUNITY: A community member transcends a feeling of powerlessness when he inadvertently comes up with a brilliant idea about how to organize cooking groups, and others join him in implementing it. —Markus Euler
  • POWER AND DISEMPOWERMENT ON THE ECOBUS: Some saw this radical environmental education program as a “cult,” others as an intensely focused experience of challenge and growth. Had participants lost their individuality, or gained a new sense of self? —Chris Roth

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