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Growing a Culture of Community Health and Well-Being at Earthaven Ecovillage

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At a permaculture-based ecovillage in North Carolina, care for the earth, care for people, and care for inner health all benefit from a dynamic culture based on local self-reliance, holism, and community.

Health and Well-Being

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Author: Chris Roth Published in Communities Magazine Issue #145 This year’s discussion on health care policy in the United States has focused attention on ways to assure broader access to allopathic medicine, including controlling the costs of health insurance and medical care. All of us, even those who use allopathic medicine only infrequently, have a… Read More

Health and Quiet

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Noise and quiet can both affect well-being profoundly. Gordon Hempton’s One Square Inch of Silence offers ear-opening stories and perspectives, practical suggestions, and simple, radical wisdom.

Gut Health

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Both in traditional cultures and at La’akea, close loving relationships, consistent community connection, a life close to nature, fresh non-processed food, satisfying work, regular exercise, clean air and water, attunement to biological rhythms, joy, and laughter all support health.

Garden as Therapist and Community Organizer

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Neither the therapist diagnosing Major Depression nor the psychiatrist prescribing an antidepressant asked the fundamental question: Do you like to garden? When the author discovers this doorway into the natural world, he also finds community and inner and outer health.

Embracing a Terminal Illness

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A community rallies in support of a long-time member diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, discovering opportunities and possibilities for new connections with each other and becoming more present to the priceless experiences of both living and dying.