Can We Make More of Less? An OpEdNews Discussion

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Community Bookstore Featured
Together Resilient
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Together ResilientTogether Resilient
Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption
by Ma’ikwe Ludwig

Together Resilient―our latest publication, written by Ma’ikwe Ludwighas not only maintained momentum since it’s release, but Ma’ikwe has also been invited to several interviews regarding the book, her thoughts on climate change, and her upcoming speaking tour.

Check out her recent interview with OpEdNews, where she speaks about the Paris Agreement, the diversity of examples in her book, and the origin of her name.

Together Resilient is available at the FIC Bookstore. Stay tuned for a Climate Action bookstore bundle that will support you in leading your own community into discussion and action about climate disruption.

Ma’ikwe wraps up her interview with this thought:

“I see the climate crisis only being solvable by us engaging on three levels: 1) local, collectively self-determined community projects; 2) radical culture change, away from individualistic, materialistic, competitive ways of interacting and thinking and toward cooperative, values- and relationally-centered ways of interacting and thinking; and 3) engaging in economic and regulatory reform to make all of this possible. None of these levels alone are likely to be enough by themselves for the kind of mass reorientation I think we need right now.”

For more information about the speaking tour, tour dates, and how to host a presentation in your community contact Mariyam at 907-360-9950 or [email protected].


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