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Can FIC count on you before the year is over?

Posted on December 21, 2018 by

Invest today in the future of the communities movement!

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The FIC’s not-for-profit services are intended to facilitate your journey and navigation through the evolving world of cooperative living.

Our Magazine, Directory and Bookstore – FIC’s 3 core offerings – are designed to bring inspiration, knowledge, new perspectives and innovations to advance the communities movement on a global scale.

The FIC needs your financial support to keep these platforms running and to reach the goal of raising $17,000 by the year’s end.


“I feel as though I have traveled around the world and experienced a wide range of community perspectives each time I finish an issue of Communities magazine, all the while sitting on my couch. It’s an uplifting gift each season!” —Devon

“FIC serves as a beacon with Communities magazine and Communities directory, discovered decades ago. These days FIC remains one of a tiny handful of resources I look to for collaborators in regenerative agriculture.” -Tamar

Through your year-end donation, you’ll share in the Foundation for Intentional Community’s pursuit of a global society based on cooperation, sustainability, social justice and nonviolence.

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