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Bookshelf Recommendation – Ecovillages – New Frontiers for Sustainability

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Ecovillages – New Frontiers for Sustainability

A Movement for Sustainability Through Community
Review by June, Community Bookstore Manager

Ecovillages - New FrontiersEcovillages – New Frontiers
by Jonathan Dawson
2006; 94 pages; 8.5″ X 6″; paperback; ISBN:1-90399-877-8

In the past few decades, ecovillages have grown into a world-wide phenomenon, incorporating a wealth of approaches to minimize ecological impact while maximizing human well-being.

Ecovillages – New Frontiers for Sustainability provides an overview of the development of ecovillages from their roots in Schumacher, Gandhi and the ecological awakening of the 1960s, to the present time. It also provides insight into their actual and potential contributions to a more sustainable world.

The author, who is the current secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network Europe, is uniquely qualified to provide an comprehensive and in-depth analysis. This book will give the reader solid information about the history and the scope of the modern ecovillage movement.

Ecovillage – New Frontiers for Sustainability includes:

  • thoughts on alternative economies: local currencies, community banks and simple living
  • teachings on the environment and self-governance from indigenous culture
  • information on green building, permaculture design, local food sourcing, etc.
  • alternatives to mainstream culture in how we relate to our environment

In an age of economic instability and resource depletion, this book offers valuable lessons on how to be better stewards of our planet for the present and the future.

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