Staff & Board

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Cynthia Tina

Co-Director: Communications, Programs, Design

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Cynthia Tina has traveled to over a hundred intentional community projects worldwide and is Co-Director of the Foundation for Intentional Community. She helps connect people to intentional communities as a coach for seekers and marketing consultant for growing projects. She is the founder of Ecovillage Tours, was an officeholder on the Board of Trustees for the Global Ecovillage Network (2015-2020), and was Director of the youth ecovillage network NextGENNA (2013-2018). Cynthia lives in an intentional community in Vermont where she is currently building a passive solar home and tending a permaculture garden. 

Kim Kanney

Co-Director: Directory, Bookstore, Sales

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Kim Kanney has been working for FIC since 2014, largely managing the operations of both the Communities Bookstore and Communities Directory. Kim is a member of Sandhill Farm, serves on the board for Red Earth Farms, and works at the Milkweed Mercantile Eco-Inn at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri. She’s dedicated to the re-imagination of 45-year-old Sandhill Farm and also strengthening the wider community in her region. When not immersed in spreadsheets, she is often found working in her gardens, walking her two dogs, or crafting something by hand.

Adam McKenty

Co-Director: IT, Web Development, Finance

[email protected]

Adam McKenty is a technologist and entrepreneur with a passion for finding ways we can work together to create sustainable, harmonious human society on planet Earth. A lifelong communitarian, Adam brings a decade of experience running a web development and consulting agency to his role as FIC’s IT director. When not writing code or planning upgrades for, he writes essays, investigates cooperation through the Collective Intelligence Network, plays music in a family folk band, and travels from his home base of Cortes Island, Canada.

Neil Planchon

Co-Director: Fundraising, Membership, Ads, Sales

[email protected]

Neil Planchon is a founding owner and co-developer of Swan’s Market Cohousing, and longtime FIC ambassador. Over the last 20+ years, he has held volunteer and leadership staff roles with the Cohousing Association of the US and the Cohousing Research Network. His national communities tours have introduced hundreds to the world of cohousing and intentional communities. He is a certified life coach who helps individuals through life’s many transitions. He loves working with and helping seekers, residents of intentional communities, nonprofit technology leaders and other coaches. Neil is a well respected connector and champion for open source software. Family, music, nature, poetry, convening community, using tech for good are activities Neil gets pleasure out of.

Lauren Hugel

Online Events Coordinator

[email protected]

Lauren brings with her 10+ years of non-profit marketing and event planning experience. She currently lives in a tiny house within a small intentional community in Portland, OR. In her spare time, Lauren manages a community garden, serves on the board of The Talented X, and provides marketing support for a new-ish vegan permaculture farm and animal sanctuary called Wild Earth Farm & Sanctuary. You can find Lauren biking around Portland, knitting/crocheting, and learning about + practicing emergency preparedness, herbalism, gardening and other permaculture-y things!

Kim Scheidt

Accounting, Administration

Kim worked as a Certified Public Accountant in San Antonio, TX before moving to Northeast Missouri in 2005. She is a founding member of Red Earth Farms, a co-homesteading community, and lives there on a homestead of 12.6 acres named Dandelion, an egalitarian-style sub-community based on the ideals of simple-living, permaculture, feminism, and open kind communication. She works part-time doing accounting work for the FIC, GEN-US and some local non-profits. Kim likes to be the change she wishes to see and aims to have a lifestyle such that if everyone on Earth was living this way there would be plenty for all.

Emlyn Crocker

Social Media Manager

Emlyn is FIC’s Social Media Manager. She fell in love with communal living at Birdsfoot Community in Northern NY in 2012. As a community organizer and outdoor educator, Emlyn aims to promote the natural world as a space for everyone, regardless of race, culture, or economic background. She sees intentional communities as a solution to environmental, cultural, and economic concerns and is excited to help others find and curate community in their lives through her work with FIC.

Hayley Oaks

Communications Intern

Hayley is a graphic designer, artist and racial justice activist exploring intentional communities since 2019. As a founding member of Twin Oaks R.E.A.L. Team and the BIPOC Fund, they are dedicated to advocating for increased equity and diversity in the intentional communities movement. They currently live at an income sharing Jewish co-op in Boston, MA. 

Yana Ludwig

FIC Board Member & FIC Trainer

Yana Ludwig is a cooperative culture and intentional communities advocate, and an anti-oppression activist. She serves on the Foundation for Intentional Community board, and is a trainer and consultant for communities, worker owned cooperatives and nonprofits. Her book, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption, was the Communal Studies Association 2017 Book of the Year. She’s a host on the Solidarity House podcast (focusing on climate, socialism and culture change) and a co-founder of Solidarity Collective (an income sharing community in Wyoming). Yana is also a Democratic candidate for US Senate in 2020. Her website is

Harvey Baker

FIC Board Member

Harvey is a cofounder (1974) of Dunmire Hollow Community, and helped reinvigorate the FIC in the mid-80s, serving on FIC’s board over 30 years, as well as on several committees. He is past president of the Communal Studies Association. He owns a custom woodworking business, and serves the Waynesboro community as high school soccer coach. He and his wife Dorie grow organic fruits and vegetables in their garden. He enjoys soccer, bicycling, and playing harmonica. He hosts community visitors, touring bicyclists, and SERVAS travelers, giving them a glimpse of a more community based lifestyle.

Crystal Farmer

FIC Board Member

Crystal Byrd Farmer is a North Carolina native active in the cohousing and polyamorous communities. An engineer turned educator, she speaks and writes about ways communities can be more welcoming to people of all kinds of backgrounds. Crystal is the website editor for Black & Poly, an organization promoting healthy polyamorous relationships for people of color. She also serves on the Editorial Review Board of Communities Magazine published by the Global Ecovillage Network-United States. Her book The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization will be published in late 2020.

Cassandra Ferrera

FIC Board Member

Cassandra has pioneered the field of cooperative real estate to serve those seeking to share land and create community. She has years of grounded exposure to what it takes to establish community in rural, suburban and urban settings. Cassandra has lived in intentional community since 2006 and in 2016, co-founded Landwell, an emerging intentional community near Sebastopol, CA. In 2010, Cassandra partnered with Green Key Real Estate to bring the values of stewardship, reverence, and cooperation into the practice of real estate.  A founding board member of CommonSpace Community Land Trust, Cassandra works on inspiring community and land related projects as a consultant and guide.

Marty Klaif

FIC Board Member

Marty has lived most of his adult life (35 years) in intentional community. He is a co-founder of Network for New Culture, a bi-coastal organization which has promoted personal growth, personal empowerment and social change since 1995. He has been a leader in the business world, acting as a corporate and classroom trainer, and project manager, including being a founding partner of Abacus, Inc., an early Apple distributor that was key in Apple getting a foothold in the business world. Marty has brought his considerable experience to FIC for the past 13 years.

Kaison Tanabe

FIC Board Member

Kaison Tanabe resides in an intentional community in Oakland, CA. He currently works on the growth team at IDEO’s online school, IDEO U, where he focuses on acquiring, retaining, and engaging new and existing learners. Kaison takes a human-centered approach to support organizations committed to environmental + social impact and believes diverse intentional communities can teach us how to better live, work, and create with one another. He is incessantly curious, an avid cook, and enjoys wrestling, roller hockey, and spending as much time as he can outdoors.