FIC Staff


Sky Blue – Executive Director

me in a suitOver the last 18 years, Sky Blue has been a member of Twin Oaks Community, a housing collective, a student housing cooperative, and a cohousing community. He’s helped start two small worker co-operatives and a small car-sharing system. He’s visited dozens of communities and cooperatives, in the US and in Europe. Living in community and furthering the larger cooperative movement has been a primary focus of his entire adult life.

He’s played a formal or informal role in a number of projects including, Board member and consultant to the forming community Ecovillage Charlottesville, consultant to the West Coast Communities Conference, staff facilitator for PEACH, a community health care fund. He also consults on a limited basis with other forming or developing groups.

At Twin Oaks he’s had many jobs, including, manager of the Twin Oaks Communities Conference, serving on numerous community committees, production and management for the community’s soyfoods business, and serving on the planning committee for the Twin Oaks 50th anniversary celebration in 2017. He also serves as one of the Twin Oaks delegates to the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

On a more personal level, Sky is an amateur musician and DJ and loves organizing all manner of events, from parties to conferences. Personal growth and healthy interpersonal relationships are another focus of his life. He is the father of a teenager. His life is about bringing people together to make the world a better place for everyone.


Christopher Kindig – Business Director

Christopher Kindig - Business Director

Christopher lives in Baltimore, Maryland, in the pretty divided states of America.

He dreams of living in an Ecovillage with my friends, with a food forest, and plenty of kids running around. So he aims for that with his family and friends.

He loves growing organic food, environmental activism, travel, nature, and optimizing systems — which fits being Permaculture Certified. He studied Psychology and Philosophy at the University, and learned about business through self study and green technology entrepreneurship.

He works for the communities and sustainability movements, including the Fellowship for Intentional Community ( as Business Director, and the Global Ecovillage Network ( as both the Business Director and IT Director.


Kim Kanney – Bookstore Manager

For over four years Kim has worked for FIC, primarily as the Bookstore Manager for our online Community Bookstore. She is primarily based in Ohio with her partner, her dog and their RV, taking their home and her work on the road. Kim finds excitement and curiosity in noticing the reflections of community in small, unnamed places, or with spontaneous and possibly temporary groups. In addition to her role as Bookstore Manager, Kim is also a soapmaker and herbalist for her small business, Artemisia Soaps [], and works at a grassfed pasture and dairy farm in rural Northwest Ohio.

Chris Roth – Communities Editor

Chris Roth first encountered Communities magazine in his high school library, and it inspired his eventual community search. He has lived in intentional communities for most of the past three-plus decades, writing for and editing three community-based publications along the way: News from Aprovecho for five years, Talking Leaves: A Journal of Our Evolving Ecological Culture for eight years, and Communities since 2008. During his years as an organic vegetable garden coordinator and teacher, he wrote and published The Beetless’ Gardening Book: An Organic Gardening Songbook/Guidebook, and later edited the books Grounded in Love and Together Resilient. He joined Lost Valley community outside Dexter, Oregon in 1997 and has lived there (with the exception of one year away) ever since. His extended community now includes a substantial network of friends with whom he once shared intentional community, many of whom still live in the Eugene, Oregon area. His home-away-from-home is Oberlin, Ohio, where his mother and brother attended college and where his parents still reside. During sporadic periods of travel, he has visited dozens of different intentional communities; and through his work on the magazine, he’s sampled hundreds vicariously. Yours could be one of them. One of his favorite activities is helping communitarians and community seekers and activists share their stories through Communities.


Carrie Rasmussen – Development Director

Carrie joined the FIC staff as Development Director in September of 2017 after 12 years working for a regional land trust in southwestern Maine. She directed the conservation organization for 10 of those years where she made a significant advancement in protecting local landscapes, engaging community members, and spearheading capital campaigns, fundraising events and membership drives.  Carrie has a BS in Natural Resource Management – Land Use Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. She resides in northern Wisconsin where she and her family enjoy hiking, bicycling, camping, gardening, cross country skiing and being engaged in the local library and other community efforts.


Kim Scheidt – Accountant

Kim worked as a Certified Public Accountant in San Antonio, Texas before she moved to Northeast Missouri and became the staff accountant for the Fellowship for Intentional Community in 2006. She is a founding member of Red Earth Farms, a co-homesteading community, and lives there on a homestead of 9 acres named Dandelion that has the vision of being an egalitarian-style sub-community based on the ideals of simple living, permaculture, feminism, and open communication. She loves gardening, doing energetic healing work, cooking nutritious and delicious food, harvesting firewood, hanging out with friends, and playing ultimate frisbee. She works part-time doing accounting work for the non-profit Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and has a daughter who she parents every other week. Kim likes to be the change she wishes to see in the world and aims to have a lifestyle such that if everyone on Earth was living this way there would be plenty for all.


Board of Directors



Harvey Baker, PhD, Dunmire Hollow Community (Waynesboro, TN)

Harvey Dunmire CMag PS

Harvey is a cofounder (1974) of Dunmire Hollow Community, and helped reinvigorate and expand the FIC in the mid-80s. He has served on the board of the FIC for over 25 years, and also contributes as member of the Oversight, Ministry, and Personnel Cmtees. He is past president of the Communal Studies Association. He co-owns a community based custom woodworking business, and serves the Waynesboro community as high school soccer coach. He and his partner Dorie Mueller grow and eat a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables in their garden. He plays soccer and bicycles (and shovels organic matter into the garden) for exercise and fun, and plays harmonica in a wide range of musical genres and venues. He presents workshops at various communities conferences each year, and is a volunteer auctioneer when needed. He hosts community visitors, touring bicyclists, and SERVAS members, giving them a glimpse of a more community based lifestyle.


Cassandra Ferrera

Cassandra is honored to bring her passion for cooperative stewardship to the FIC Board.  Over the last decade she has pioneered a field of cooperative real estate to serve those seeking to share land and create community.  This exposure to the communities movement has given her a very unique perspective on what it takes to create community in rural, suburban and urban settings.
Cassandra and her family have lived in intentional community for over 11 years in Northern California and in 2016 cofounded an intentional community that currently has 15 adults and 10 kids on 22 acres outside of Sebastopol.
Cassandra consults with groups, educates and presents at conferences.


Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)


Ma’ikwe is the Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit, and the Sustainable Communities Director for Commonomics USA’s Materialized Empathy project. She has done sustainability education work for over 25 years, and combines that experience with over 2 decades of intentional community living to create wholistic, practical education experiences. Maikwe also teaches group dynamics (including facilitation, cooperative leadership and consensus), and is a climate change activist. In 2007, she published her first book, Passion as Big as a Planet, which looks at the intersection between spiritual development and effective ecological activism. She is currently working on starting a new community in Laramie, Wyoming with her partner, Matt Stannard.

Other FIC affiliation: former Events Team chair, Oversight Team member and Community Bookshelf Manager; Development Committee member and regular contributor to Communities magazine.


Marty Klaif, Shannon Farm (Afton VA)

Marty Klaif

Marty has lived most of his adult life (35 years) in intentional community. He is a co-founder of Network for New Culture, a bi-coastal organization which has promoted personal growth, personal empowerment and social change since 1995. He has been a leader in the business world, acting as a corporate and classroom trainer, and project manager, including being a founding partner of Abacus, Inc., an early Apple distributor that was key in Apple getting a foothold in the business world. Marty has brought his considerable experience to FIC for the past 13 years.

Other FIC Affiliations: Oversight Team member, Ministry Committee, Board Liaison for Staff for Web and Communities Magazine


Cynthia Tina

CynthiaTina Profile Pic

Cynthia’s passion is making inspiring ideas happen. She works as a community organizer, educator, and facilitator for the transition to a new story of humanity based on the interbeing of all life. Cynthia has consulted communities around the world – from cities and universities to traditional villages and intentional communities – in how to thrive as models for a regenerative future. She teaches online courses and offers workshops in bringing people together to create lasting change. She thrives when holding spaces in which a collective voice can speak.

Cynthia currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), the Fellowship for Intentional Community, and GEN North America. She is a leader in NextGEN, a youth focused organization within GEN. She has led volunteer trips to InTerraTree, a sustainable community project in Togo, West Africa. In her present home of Asheville, North Carolina, Cynthia is the program coordinator of the Resilient Living School at Ashevillage Sanctuary and is a lead organizer of the Asheville unConference, an event and movement to empower citizens to actively create the future of their own city.

With a strong visual aptitude, Cynthia has developed a skill set in many forms of creative design, including permaculture landscape, website, and graphic design. Her design services are offered at