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Author: Alyson Ewald

Alyson Ewald is a nonprofit fundraiser, facilitator, and homesteader who lived in a cooperative house as a toddler. She has spent time with children as a babysitter, swimming lesson teacher, women’s shelter caregiver, English and Russian teacher, aunt, mother, and friend. She serves on several boards, including Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Scotland County Farmers’ Markets, and the Fellowship for Intentional Community. She cofounded Red Earth Farms in Rutledge, Missouri, where she lives with her family.

Articles by Alyson Ewald include:

  • Celebrating the Food Revolution (Issue # 135)
  • Hugelkultur on the Prairie, or Learning from Our Mistakes (Issue # 153)
  • Good Neighbors (Issue # 156)
  • Raising Superheroes (Issue # 160)

Raising Superheroes

Posted on September 13, 2013 by

Community brings cross-generational teamwork, learning, and many other benefits to both children and adults.

Hugelkultur on the Prairie, or Learning from Our Mistakes

Posted on December 7, 2011 by

Degraded slopes, crumbling logs, plenty of trench-digging, seven blueberry plants, and an unanticipated drought combine to teach some important lessons.

Celebrating the Food Revolution

Posted on June 7, 2007 by

Red Earth Farms cofounder Alyson Ewald loves it that her rural community wildcrafts, grows, processes, ferments, pickles, and celebrates food.

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