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Are you hands-on?

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Head, Heart & Hands
Lessons in Community Building
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Head, Heart & HandsHead, Heart & Hands
Lessons in Community Building
by Shari Leach
171 pages

I don’t know about you, but I am a hands-on learner. Even when it comes to abstract ideas like community building, if my reading can turn into a lesson and I can practice the concepts in real life, I’m more likely to integrate the information into my day-to-day. I found that to be true for our new book on our bookshelf, Head, Heart & Hands.

A hands-on activity book for groups in cohousing and intentional communities, this spiral-bound book takes a task as large as forming community and breaks it down into digestible pieces that make it less scary to step into. Each chapter ends with group activities and opportunities for reflections. One can move and work at one’s own pace.

The book empowers groups to move effectively through the various stages of group development while it covers: ground rules, defining your community values and vision, consensus 101, conflict and blocks, meetings, creating basic standing teams, positions of power, creating participation systems, naming your community, common house planning, pet agreements, rental agreement, and post-move-in trauma issues.

To dig your hands into community building, order this book now!

If you’re interested in this topic, check out our bookstore’s Group Dynamics section or take a look at these titles:

The Wisdom of Group Decisions is a thoughtful selection of 100 one-page tips for avoiding conflict and making lasting group decisions for our communities, organizations, governments, families, and our planet. Each tip provokes meditation and reflection, and taken together the book is a powerful toolkit for enhancing the wisdom of communities.

Building Commons and Community documents half a century of Karl Linn’s work helping to create neighborhood commons, such as community gardens, playgrounds and parks. Linn’s philosophies and practical wisdom show people how to use the resources that they find in their own surroundings to create welcoming shared spaces.

How To Make Collaboration Work offers an excellent road map for individuals, groups, organizations and communities wanting to integrate the principles and practices of collaboration into their shared work. The methods taught in this essential guide offer a chance for more productive and fulfilling outcomes for all involved.


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