Yogi with Chemical Sensitivities Seeks Chemical-free Community

Seeking Community

26 y/o seeks healing environment to overcome Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Others with knowledge of chemical sensitivities would be best to live with, or someone open to adjusting cleaning and personal products to ones I can tolerate. An environment without a wood or gas stove would be best, and without pets would also be preferred. I cannot tolerate any smoke at this time so no smokers (even 4/20, sorry).

About me: I am quiet, clean, and easy going despite my environmental sensitivities. I love yoga, gardening, and all things natural healing. I also love cooking and listening to music and personally follow a mostly raw vegan diet, always 100% free of gluten and dairy, and I love talking to people about nutrition! Please reach out if you have similar issues or know of a place to stay! Thanks 🙂