Would you like to join a budding Queer friendly intentional community?

by Whistle House
Communities with Openings
Takoma WA

Would you like to join a budding Queer intentional community?

We own a big old house, have a ton of exciting projects, too many fridges, and a passion for building & tweaking the systems that make it all work together. You’ll live with Elsbeth and Daniel in the main house, and have the option to join in our community project with Franki and their dog Birdie who are moving off the main property.

Looking for a housemate who wants to build & share a home together with all the collaboration and cooperation that entails. Someone who is excited to share their home with community and guests, likes to eat together, project together, and is motivated to grow deep community roots in their home and neighborhood. If you’re excited about larger property and community projects as well, we’ve got a ton of that.

Rent: $1203 / month [$1015 for equity; $188 for long-term maintenance]. Our rental contract includes tracking your rent as equity contributions to the mortgage, to be paid back to you in the event that we sell the house. We’re committed to not profiting off of your rental contributions.

We have an extensive cost/resource sharing system and hope you will want to participate. While these are the systems and expectations that exist for us today, they are always evolving and as we use them. We look forward to building a collective home together with you once you have joined!

Want to know more!? Plentiful details can be found at this link!
Please feel free to reach out to us with interest and questions by responding to this form.