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I, Sahmat, grew up in intentional communities and have lived in 10 of them.  I have been so dedicated to Community with both humans and  Nature that I’ve been called “The Community Guy”.  The communities I grew up in shared a fairly strong “sense of community”.  I call this deep and sustained sense of community “Common-unity” because it’s a state of unity we share in common, with the unique individuality of each human and each species still honored.  It’s this state of Common-unity that I’ve found most valuable in life and to me it’s the main reason for living in an intentional community.  When a group is deep in Common-unity together, there’s a shared sense of love, joy, and peace that tops any other group experience.


However, I’ve found that in all the communities I’ve lived in, the sense of community is not nearly as deep and sustained as it could be.  It’s precisely this lack of Common-unity that is the root cause of the catastrophic global suffering of racism, wars, child abuse, abuse of women, environmental and species destruction, etc.  So the ultimate goal is ending global suffering through “Global Common-unity”: the spreading of Common-unity throughout the world by forming a global network of Common-unity-dedicated  Communities.


So I’ve spent my life learning how to create Common-unity-dedicated communities that share true Common-unity: a deeper and more sustained sense of community.  There are two keys to starting a Common-unity community (or moving an existing community into deeper Common-unity):

  1. The first key to Common-unity is for everyone to be “Common-unity-dedicated” as their top common priority.  This doesn’t seem to be the case in any existing community, which results in focus and energies being bled off into other priorities.  So maintenance of Common-unity doesn’t get enough time and energy.
  2. The second key to Common-unity is to learn “Common-unity Skills”, skills that must be practiced to maintain Common-unity: Speaking from the Heart, Empathetic Listening, Emptying of Ego-attachments, Conflict Resolution, Consensus, Heart Wound Healing, Cooperative Housing, and Cooperative Economics.  Modern culture does not teach us these skills.

We at the Alliance for Global Community have developed  free workshops that train you in these Common-unity Skills.  The workshops contain the Sharing Circle process developed by M. Scott Peck, a Nature connection exercise developed by John Seed and Joanna Macy, healing exercises developed by Byron Katie and Richard Moss, and exercises in creating Cooperative Housing and Cooperative Economics.  We’ve tested various versions of these Common-unity Skill Building workshops over the past 25 years, and we’ve found them to be quite effective in teaching Common-unity skills that can help maintain Common-unity.   If you’d like to start a Common-unity-dedicated community, or if you’d like bring more Common-unity into an existing community (perhaps through a Common-unity sub-community or “pod”), you need to learn or improve these Common-unity skills as soon as possible.

To find out how to sign up for a free public Common-unity Skills workshop or schedule a free workshop for an existing group or community, please go to my website  There you can also find out how to get a free copy of the book “Skill Building for Global Common-unity”.

You can contact Sahmat directly at [email protected] or at 434-305-4770.