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Women’s House of Shaanti, Montclair NJ

by Petra Kershaw
Community with Opening
42 St Lukes Place, Montclair, NJ 07042
  • What’s happening…..

A small intentional community is in Montclair! We are a 40-something and older women community in a 5 bedroom house. We  have soulful spirits, are community-minded and we embrace all that entails!

What goes on…..

“Ethnic and Cultural Diversity” as well as “Connection” is a big focus of living together in our community. We celebrate all walks of life and continually practice how to connect with each other with respect, mindfulness and resolution.

We have a communal dinner once weekly. House meetings are bi-weekly. Group consensus is very important. We all take part in what goes on in the house, meaning, any activities someone would like to plan, cleaning, ideas, concerns, celebrations and suggestions.  Items such as these are communicated through house meetings.

About the house……

We are very conveniently located near Whole Foods and the museum. Close to Bloomfield Avenue and bus stops. Montclair boasts 5 train stations with direct routes to NYC.  There is also a convenient major bus line which commutes to the city regularly.

The first floor is occupied by the owner. The second and third floors are the community. One floor has three bedrooms and the other two. There is one large kitchen, washer and dryer and two shared bathrooms. There is also a living and dining room on the second floor.

We currently have an opening on the second floor.  A large room, fully furnished with a full sized bed, dresser, night stand, lamp, desk and chair.  The room is sunny and bright and has two windows.

Please contact me directly for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Petra

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