Woman with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Seeking Community

by Parka Wearn
Seeking Community

Hi! My name is Parka and I am 49 years old and have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/allergies

Unfortunately it is very hard for People like me to find shared housing because so many people use chemicals that are fragranced or toxic to me. I am very easy going and want no part in drama or confrontation.

I have a small senior Jack Russell that is pretty mellow.

I bought a conversion van to live in and was ripped off of all of my savings but do have monthly income.

I am willing to cook and clean but can not do a lot of hard labor.

My chemical sensitivities include Bleach, cleaners, synthetic fragrance of any type, incense, essential oils, personal products that are not fragrance free(shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, perfumes etc)petroleum.

Obviously I use gas to run my car and I use vinegar and peroxide to clean with and fragrance free soaps.

The world is becoming more toxic for people like me every day and we are living in cars and homeless.

If you have any type of shared housing or a chemical free community I would love to join your way of living. I am also willing to help build up a community for people like me as it can be nothing but friendly to our environment. I am in Southeastern US but willing to relocate


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