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Wanted: to Become a Member of YOUR Community :) Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov

by Flora-Victoria
Seeking Community
North America (most likely), Australia, Southeast Asia, Central or South America

-All lengths of stay are welcomed and entertained. The goal is to become an active member of an intentional community (purchase or build a small, sturdy home).

–The plan is to experience various communities and find my “forever home.” During stays, I expect to contribute through rent and, if possible, participation in community hours and meetings.

—Location is flexible because I avidly work from home (zero garbage is created, and internet to receive email in a timely manner is required). Preferences include a minimal amount of chiggers and lyme ticks.

—-Experience living as a nonmember at, e.g., Anahata, The Farm, and Neve Shalom.

—–Purchasing a small home would be ideal (after any required process). Renting first is totally cool and preferred—let’s get to know each other. Building a home is also an option.

——Diet: Folks can eat what they want. I am almost exclusively vegetarian (I eat filet minion or venison occasionally). I use cruelty-free products, organic, etc; thus, my expectation is that others would be of the same mind.

-Demographics: Female, 49, MSEd TESOL, no pets (loves animals), from the East Coast (Philly), have lived on the West Coast (e.g., Ashland, Port Townsend, Seattle) and around the world (mostly Southeast Asia and South America).

***Please reach out to me, Flora-Victoria, if you are at all curious (questions welcome) or perhaps have the same ambition.***

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