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Want awesome neighbors in the PNW? Homeschool in Washington? Lets chat. :)

by amanda
Community Forming
PNW, Washington


Hate driving your kids around just to see other kids? Interested in having beers and a BBQ together with the neighbors on Friday? If you are a family with kids that loves the idea of living with intention, sharing meals, time and interest we would love to get in touch.

We are a homeschool/unschool family looking for other like minded (crazy) families to live intentionally with. We are in the PNW,
currently in Kitsap, WA. We are looking for one or several families with kids (pipe dream?) to build a mini-community. We are currently renting and are looking into settling within 6 months. Open to all options! Including buying land at an existing community, buying a large section of bare land to split, buying a section next door to some amazing family we have yet to meet, or lining up purchases for several lots in a row each family with it’s own lot.

Our kids are all boys aged 13, 10, 8 and 6. We are people that truly value acceptance and respect for individuals and really enjoy cultural and individual diversity. (We are Christian but you don’t need to be.) We are relaxed parents of high-stung kids trying our best to practice respectful parenting. Basically we try not to say “cause I said so” very often, but rather we give and expect mutual respect and understanding. (We have been known to say “No you can’t play Minecraft all day” but that conversation is ongoing 😉

If you are looking for something similar in the PNW please get in touch! If you are just some awesome person and want to hang out you can get in touch too!

Get in touch with Amanda at 5035761314 or message on here

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