Vice President, Prosper Sustainably

by Angie Hacker
Seeking Community

We are a family of three seeking community. My husband and I have a sustainable community consulting business, and are building another business on personal fulfillment. We are currently nomads, traveling the world and working remotely (from Oahu at the moment), but hoping to immerse ourselves (and our sweet 1.5 year old son) in places where we can learn, grow, share and connect with friendly folks with similar values. We generally like to stay in places for 3-6 months, but are open to opportunities to invest and participate in longer term ways. Each of us greatly enjoys community governance, business development and wholehearted leadership and can see ourselves applying these interests productively with an aligned community. We would be happy to share our skills, knowledge and passion with a community that would welcome us. Ideally we would be looking for a private furnished home with opportunities to regularly participate in communal spaces, meals and activities.  We envision our next stop to be in New Zealand starting in January, but would be very grateful for any and all responses.