Vegan IC Forming in West Kootenays of BC

by Ryan
Community Forming
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My partner Heather and I own a yoga studio and a plant based soup and smoothie bar in the West Kootenay region of beautiful BC, Canada.  We are looking for partners to help run both businesses, as well as expand into a small scale animal sanctuary and human health rehab that is affordable to the masses.

We intend to buy 30-50 acres here and subdivide with stakeholders so that we may live and work in the same area.  I see potential to roll both businesses into a co-operative or not for profit framework, allowing quick return on investment.  We envision like minded holistic types; yogis, unschoolers, etc will gravitate towards this concept of community life.  We will need food production experts, animal experts, yoga teachers, smoothie makers, builders, electricians, babysitters and more!

Please get in touch if interested!