Vegan Family Looking To Connect

by maiaschaberg
Seeking Community

Hello! We are James, Maia, and Juniper — a non-smoking, drug/alcohol-free family of three. Eating an organically grown vegan diet is a huge priority for us and we would love to connect with other families who feel the same way. Our son is three and a half years old and would love to live near some outdoor-exploring, wooden toy-playing, singing and dancing buddies! We are currently traveling full time and open to moving anywhere in the world (with a strong preference for the tropics).

Our passions and skills include:

*dance performance and instruction (ballet, modern, contact improvisation, social dance)

*construction with nontoxic materials (we have built two tiny houses)

*organic farming and gardening

*digital marketing, videography and editing short films

*yoga (RYT-200, we practice and instruct many forms including Kaleidoscope Community Yoga)

*Nonviolent Communication (teachings of Marshall Rosenburg)

*preparing gourmet raw food

*birth doula support (Maia)

*respectful, attachment-based childcare

We look forward to connecting with you! Our email is [email protected]