Urban Planner, Graphic Designer and Sustainability-focused Consultant available to assist forming ecovillages & intentional communities

by Madeline Jacknin
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Hi there! I am starting a business providing community planning, graphic design, and experiential and community engagement services for forming intentional communities and ecovillages.

With a Master’s in Regional Planning, a background and education in sustainable community development and planning including experience living in intentional communities and ecovillages, and an extensive background in providing design services for sustainability initiatives, I can help your community envision its future. I have experience in navigating the entitlements and land use process, writing master plans, graphically designing marketing/ visual materials, mapping through GIS, rendering architectural plans and creatively engaging communities with visioning through fun and useful experiential and visual tools. I have lived at 3 intentional communities/ ecovillages and have a passion for creating new ways of living in community and in harmony with our natural environment.

To see a portfolio of some of the work I’ve completed and my resume please visit www.maddyjacknin.wixsite.com/portfolio and let’s start a discussion of how I can help you and your community! Since I am starting my own consulting business and looking for initial experience, discounts are currently available.