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Ubuntu Ma’at Community Forming

by Gabriel Bandele
Community Forming

New Intentional Community and Communal House Forming!

We are planning a communal house and off grid eco-village. Please join us! This is the first of its kind. We are looking for founding members who want to join us in forming an off grid, vegan, sustainable, nature centered, African centered and female and male balanced community.

Our community will focus on creating a space where for people of African descent and POC can flourish outside the matrix or within it. We hope our community will become a model for those who want to create a new world paradigm. Our focus will be on self knowledge, healing, self-sufficiency and nature stewardship.

We have an urban location and two suburban locations in natural settings. In total four houses in two different states and 13 acres.

If you are interested becoming a founding member please feel free to email or call [email protected] 202 321-9069

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