True Nature Cohousing ~ Conscious Community in Northern California

by Persephone Maywald
Community Forming
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True Nature Cohousing is seeking individuals, couples, families and seniors devoted to personal and spiritual growth to join us in developing a semi-rural cohousing community of 20-25 households in Sonoma County, Northern California, 1–1½ hours north of San Francisco.

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PEOPLE. We seek members who value living in community as a way to further their psychological and spiritual growth, have an ongoing spiritual practice and have done significant inner work. We are open to adults and children of all ages. We hope to set up structures to support aging in place, anticipating that at least half of our members will be over 55.

We currently consist of 5 households who have been meeting for 1½ years. Our focus has been on co-creating a vision for spiritually-based community and developing procedures for clear, compassionate communication and decision making. We are now working with realtors and lawyers to learn more about the practical aspects of forming a cohousing community.

PLACE. We envision living on 3-40 acres of partially wooded land, in a quiet place distant from highways, close to open space and hiking trails and within 30 minutes of shopping and medical facilities.

BUILDINGS. Ideally we would like to have individual dwellings for each household; these could include alternative structures such as yurts, straw-bale houses etc. In addition there will be a common house where we can share meals and group activities, hold workshops, host visitors, and have room for other creative endeavors.

SUSTAINABILITY. We aim to be a green community with solar power, composting toilets and rainwater catchment. We envision cultivating gardens and orchards and raising chickens and goats. We will use non-toxic products and do all we can to sustain and nurture the earth.

COST. We anticipate a buy-in cost of $300-400K per household with bank loans a possibility.

CONTACT US. If our vision appeals to you, please email us at [email protected], or call Regula at 415 454 1650. Feel free to say something about your experiences with personal growth, spiritual practice, and community living, and what you would hope for in joining our cohousing community. Let us know if you have skills in real estate, financing, architecture, building, permitting or interfacing with city/county officials.