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by Bohannon-Short
Seeking Community

Hello, I’m Loki and Joy

Seeking the Right fit for us. Joy is a artist and I’m a skilled laborer, is a part of what we bring to the table. We both have children that do not live with us. We Both have experience w communal living. Not locked into a area and ready to travel. We’re in our 40’s which means no drama. We bring leadership and a value of good hard work, but not to old to do the work needed. We know it takes a minimum of 25 to 30 hr of work per person to make a community Run, sometimes more.

But searching for a good loving community is why I still searching and not just getting another apartment and job.

Personal Requirements, within driving distance to paid work, child support reasons.

About us, we’re highly Spiritual people, always curious and learning, respectful of other. No criminal background or drugs. Just kind loving Folk.


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