The Love of the Living (community network Berlin-Spain-France)

by Kiniku
Community With Opening

Community with a network of 4 houses in three different countries (Germany, France, Spain), among which people can switch freely for 300€/month including food, accommodation and access to every activity that we practice together.

Our initiative that has been evolving through the years with dynamism and always with the same spirit and main ideas of sharing the life, creating a space where people can live in a respectful and harmonious way while sharing, learning, teaching and having fun.

Everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time. We absolutely reject selfishness and violence.
We propose a lifestyle based on respect, care for the others, being active and dynamic, and also healthy. Therefore among our activities you will find: music, philosophy, humanitarian actions, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and other kinds of sports, languages, psychology, nutrition and many others. Just come and discover!

Our rules are simple and clear: no meat, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs and no violence.


School house in Berlin, oriented to martial arts, tai chi, workout and other sports, languages and everything mentioned above. (vegan/vegetarian).

Two locations, the main one being an animal sanctuary “La Lumière des Chevaux” based in the south of France. This non-profit association has been rescuing and changing the life of hundreds of horses and other animals for more than 10 years. If you like to enjoy the nature, take care of animals, practice sport, martial arts, tai chi, hiking, climbing, star gazing and to breathe the fresh air in a fantastic surrounding, this is also the place to be (strictly vegan).

In Barcelona, at the edge of the mountains and the sea, you will enjoy the nature, the home fitness equipment and much more in a friendly atmosphere (strictly vegan).


Our current members are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

We look for people who share the same idea and spirit, we are completely open to you as long as on your side you try to offer as well (teach a language, teach music, help or guide on anything you can do). Being part of our places also means you are committed and you colaborate with the functioning of the projets. For example; getting food, humanitarian actions, horses and other animal care, conferences, advertisement, sometimes little jobs to help in the house.

If you feel attracted, just contact us and we can set an appointment for you to visit us.