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The Highland Community Welcomes Interns! Colorado

by Nancy
Jobs + Opportunities

The Highland Community is located on four beautiful acres in Lafayette, Colorado, 10 miles outside of Boulder. We are an intentional community of 13 adults dedicated to living all aspects of our lives fully. While maintaining businesses and jobs oriented toward service to the greater community, we share in a consciously designed lifestyle that promotes health and well-being physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

It is in everyday conduct that the foundation for personal growth and truly spiritual lives can be sustained. To stay centered and conscious in the midst of our busy lives, we pay careful attention to what we eat, how we eat, our communication with each other, meditation practices, physical exercise and finding balance between work, play and simply being.

As part of being an intern and living at Highland, you will be able to participate in and learn about: lifestyle skills, gardening, physical exercise/athletic training, foundational spiritual practices, healing arts, somatic awareness, and more. Honest and authentic communication, teamwork and development of programs for personal change are key tools for troubleshooting the individual and collective challenges that come up living and working together. We also love to spend time outside and in nature.  We have a large organic garden that supplies an abundance of food in the summer and we live right next to an awesome network of Open Space trails.  We have a non-smoking policy. Last but not least, we have fun together in a variety of forums – games, dancing, doing silly skits, watching movies or just hanging out.

The Highland Community is an ongoing project of the non-profit Corporation for the Dissemination of Teachings of Value.  CDTV (www.teachingsofvalue.org) draws on an extraordinary body of teachings developed and compiled over the last 40 years. This teaching – a clarification of the practical wisdom found in the world’s great spiritual and cultural traditions (updated for this modern age), addresses every relevant dimension of how to achieve one’s highest potentials as well as spread a positive impact on our world. As a group we study and implement these teachings into our daily lives.

A monthly education fee paid by all residents (both old-timers and interns) funds the Highland project, and covers room and board (meals), wi-fi and access to the educational and healing benefits integrated into our lifestyle.

If you’re interested or have questions contact Nancy at [email protected]




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