Selling half of my Farm in Pencahue, Chile at cost, to Invest back into the Farm.

by Cesar Puente Pilgrim
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ChileMaule RegionPencahue(show on map )

Im selling half of my farm at cost to reinvest back into the Farm and Comunity. Possibilities for development are great;

  • Residential lots overlooking Maule Valley on 66 acres
  • Organic farming on 22 acres
  • Boutique hotel with mountain spring water
  • Cabin rentals

Mild Mediterranean weather, neighbor farm “las 200” produces the best olive oil, winning best in the the world award, and Concha y Toro wine near the farm, produces the finest wine in the world. Best volcanic soils for organic farming and best views for building homes.

Im just trying to recoup half of my initial investment so I can move the whole family by June 2018. And reinvest back into the farm.

For more information please contact Cesar by email: [email protected] or visit webpage: