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Sun Point Farm Sanctuary: Farm, Modern Monastery, and Health/Wellness

by Paul Antosh
Community Forming
33 Old Chester Road, Derry NH

Sun Point Sanctuary

Located in Derry NH

A unique opportunity at a “modern monastery!”

Weekly, and monthly. Experience the simplicity of a radically small ecological footprint and live close to nature, in sync with the Sun, and mindful of our relations. This modern monastery is located on a working farm with expansive community garden, and an environment conducive to living simply.

Come for the peace, quiet, and simplicity. Participate in a way that is compatible with what you need.



– 1 person bedroom
– 2 person bedroom
– Converted barn living space

Daily group meditation and a practice of mindfulness of body, mind, and spirit. There are often optional group activities that you can join.

Simplified, nutritional diet is a core practice.

Profile of an Ideal Candidate: Some, or all, of these points should speak to you.

Minimalist: desire to reduce and simplify in order to actually do more with life.
Curious and respectful of the practices of others at this community.
Ideologically aligned with life at a modern monastery: quiet, communal living, shared spaces (except your own room), and able to interact appropriately. Participate in key practices of monastery such as morning meditation.
Mindful of your ecological footprint. Includes: electricity, fuel, food, packaging, waste produced, and efforts to recycle and re-purpose.
Confronting your addictions, rather than indulging them.
In search for a break from trivial pursuit of modern life and looking to focus and center around significant pursuits.
Any gender, single, couple, or family.

Sun Point is smoke, drug, and alcohol free. Non-smokers only.

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