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Starting to Plan a Community Near Charlotte NC – Torah Observant

by Todd Garner
Community Forming
Matthews, NC


Our family is seeking other Torah observant individuals and families to create an intentional community near Charlotte, NC.  We currently live in Matthews and would like to invite you to join us for meetings to design and start a community together.


We have skills and experience in home schooling, gardening, alternative health, animal husbandry, residential construction and home renovation.  We’ve hosted bi-monthly Shabbat, Torah discussions in our home for a few years as well as a home school co-op.


For years we have dreamed of having a closer community that would share land.  A multi-generational family of families and individuals that can benefit from living closely and supporting each other.  Join us in planning how to make this happen!


Our requirement is that we must be in agreement that Yeshua (Jesus) is our savior; that we rest on the Sabbath (Saturday) and that we are working toward obeying God’s laws as expressed in the Torah.  We also observe the Biblical Feasts and festivals.

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