Spaces open for intentional community in San Diego County

by abclaudia
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Seeking new members to join our community “Rifugio.” We are independent roommates with a passion for the environment, sustainability, and healthy living. We are screening new possible candidates to join us starting in October. We want to be a community of supportive friends who have lots of fun together and respect each other’s need for privacy.

*Single rooms available starting at $645
* shared room (two people) starting at $400
* rooms with a bathroom starting at $ 795 (one person) or $ 855 (two people) per month.

PLUS one month deposit (negotiable), and your share of utilities, usually running $50-100 each person, depending on use and how many people are home.

In full capacity, the household can have 6-8 people, sharing a large 5 bedroom-3 bath home on over one acre (we also have a compostable bathroom and lots of space for hammocks and tents).

Absolutely must be:
* non-smokers
* no drugs or alcohol
* clean and tidy
* avoiding chemicals as much as possible for household and personal use- (7th Generation, Dr. Bronner, and similar environmentally products are used instead)
* willing to clean the house one hour a week and garden one hour a week. We aim to do this together during week-ends so that it’s more fun and not a burden to anybody. You can opt out of your 2 hours community help by paying an extra $20/week or $80/month
* Must have a car because there is no public transportation close by
* Ok with no TV in the living room, and no noise between 10 PM and 7 AM

* Vegetarian, vegan, or raw food (some of us eat meat)
* Eat healthy and mostly organic
* Keeps the common areas clean and free of clutter for everybody’s enjoyment
* Aims at uncomplicated, conflict-free, zen-like, peaceful living
* not wasteful of electricity, water, and resources
* passionate about sustainability
* eager to grow organic veggies

The house is usually very quiet, allowing everybody to have their personal space and privacy.

We have independent lives, but want to enjoy occasional times together playing music or a game, watching a movie, gardening, and meeting different cultures, couchsurfers, workawayers, and people from all over the world.

We are also busy professionals and are out and about quite a bit.

If you think you may like this kind of living, please contact us by email with one short paragraph describing your interest at [email protected]

*Furnished or unfurnished.
*Outside pets may be considered with additional deposit
*Please check location before applying: no buses nearby. You must have a car.

This large house is surrounded by lots of fruit and eucalyptus trees.
Saltillo tiles around the whole house. No carpet!

Light and bright.

Grow your own organic veggies. We want to grow as much of our food as possible.


30 minutes from the beach and downtown
25 from Mission Valley
20 from SDSU and La Mesa
10 from El Cajon, Santee, and Alpine
45 from Tijuana and Mexico
16 hours flight to Europe 😉