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Small Rural Permaculture CommunitySeeking the Right Members

by Mary Leihsing
Community with Opening
Southern Kansas

We are not religious but respect everyon’s choice on their own spirituality and ask for the same in return. We offer a private room, a shared bathroom, wifi, meals and a small group dedicated to sustainable living, Permaculture skills and most importantly, a home where we work and live with shared values and goals.

We have massive work ahead building a rocket stove, a second greenhouse, gardening, chopping firewood for winter, converting a propane heater to a whole-house wood burning stove, installing a series of swales and hugekultures to slow water and make a series of pools that will be planted to become a food forest.

We have over a thousand dollars of seeds we did not get to plant this spring or summer, we need some help getting going. If you’re up to the challenge and think this community might offer you the home and extended family you are seeking call Mary 620-506-6532.

We offer a private bedroom, shared abthroom, wifi, and shared meals. Nothing fancy, just good people seeking to live simply and valueing the honest days work for food and shelter over renting lives for plastic junk. We need a couple folks asap so if you are looking for a similar lifestyle call us and lets see if we might be a good fit.

Keep in mind the gardens overgrown, we have building supplies and materials in piles in the yard, and nothing is picture perfect. We are more about functional than aesthetic at this time. Good luck in your search and we are Pagan friendly but we are none cigarette smoking.

The image is of garden beds similar to what we are doing here but without retaining walls. It is not an image of the community. After we chat if we both feel it is a potential good match we will email images from here.

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