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serching for creative, working , functional community

by Douglas
Seeking Community

Douglas and Yung, we are working professionals with valuable skills and work ethic, mindful and holistic.  We have traveled and lived in several countries and now seek a community or neighborhood where we can develope our home.

The term “Intentional” is what attracts us. Living in a neighborhood or community based in common values related to living in harmony with earth and humanity, where creativity and individuality can be embraced, where compassion for our human process is embraced. Doing the best we can and holding perfect vision for our evolution into harmony is important to us. We are vegetarian and organic but do not attend any “anti” anything events. We believe that which we give our energy to, grows. We would rather attend or participate in events which offer “alternatives” to educate and assist in a harmonious evolution.

We are alternative and classic. I would still like a garage where I can build custom scooters and motorcycles (moving into electric). Gardening is a healthy habit of ours as is practicing yoga , playing music and preparing meals. The skills we poses will assist any community effort.  As a 20 year professional in Myotherapy, health and rehabilitation can be offered. As a teacher of holitic health, massage and yoga, classes are a fresh possibility. As a management professional any project or event can be assisted to success. As an amateure chef, cooking for community is available.  As avid gardeners, the ability to share in a coop is expected. There is even more but it will be revealed in the right community.

We can purchase land, manage land or participate in a cooporative.

We enjoy our privacy and enjoy sharing too.

Thank you!


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