seeking handy happy homesteaders/ world travelers

by laura
Community Forming
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Hello, we are a mom and daughter seeking some handy homesteaders who love kids, animals (also to eat), treehouses, adventures, dreaming, creating, learning, art, music, nature and travel.  People who want to do good and have fun. We are living fairly simply and slowly on 17 acres with a giant 90 year old log cabin and funky outbuildings.  We envision someone living in the cabin ( we have a little place back in the forest) or building a tiny home on wheels.  We want to get more involved in our greater community, hosting classes, maybe kids camps, and taking turns traveling in winter (maybe helping on homesteads in the tropics, or southern hemisphere, or volunteering in distant, less rainy climates! I work for an airline so discounted air fare is included in the communal pot! Help us reconcile and be part of a gypsy farmer lifestyle! There are also many rural properties for sale near us if you prefer!