Seeking companions for forest home in Northern Saskatchewan

by Gerald
Community Forming
CanadaSKChristopher Lake(show on map )

I am hoping to find people who have a deep respect and reverence for the earth and fellow creatures to become companions on this life journey. I want  people of any gender identity, spiritual tradition or ethnicity to feel welcome  in this special place. The place I “caretake” is a forest land near the Prince Albert National Park which is located in Saskatchewan’s Boreal Forest.

I am an older, stable but fit and healthy guy in Saskatchewan’s northland forests. I am a retired professional operating a small home-based business making functional wood art / furniture items. I respect and practice First Nations Traditional Spirituality while still remaining a committed Christian in the community where I live. I am getting older but am still able to learn from others. I have a lot of interests and life is never boring.

Those who appreciate the values of communal living and sharing the tasks of caring for each other and for the earth our Mother are invited to make contact for more information or to arrange a possible visit to check things out. New friends are always welcome.

Because of possible  issues faced by persons from outside of Canada in seeking Permanent Residency Status in Canada, I encourage contact from people already within Canada, but I am open to inquiries or visits from persons from outside of Canada as well.

A deep respect for the Earth and for fellow humans needs to be the basis for any successful community, and this is the key trait I would expect to find in all future members of this forest home.

A perusal of the website listed below will show you how this place has come to be what its is today.  What it will become tomorrow depends on who else comes to live here.

If you wish to contact me just send a message to   [email protected]   and put FIC contact in the subject line, or call (306) 982-3614 Thanks